Introducing Tales of a Middle School Witch By Tora Blair

Tales of a Middle School Witch:

A Magical Illustrated Chapter Book for Preteens
by Tora Blair

Genre: Middle Grade Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural Chapter Books

My name’s Theo Good, and like most kids my age, I just want to fit in and have a normal life. Unlike most kids, however, I’m also a witch with magical powers. So, yeah, a normal life isn’t exactly in the cards for me.

Sure, being a witch can be awesome, but in my experience, it can (and often does) lead to heaps of trouble too! Especially when you live on Earth and attend school with regular kids.

When my best friend Jessie was being picked on by the class bully, Devin, I turned to my magic to try and fix the problem. But what happened as a result of my magical meddling was an absolute nightmare that I felt I was never going to wake up from.

It’s not all bad, though. I’ve learned that making mistakes can sometimes lead to surprisingly good outcomes, outcomes that may not have happened otherwise. And like you’ll see in my story, good but unexpected things can happen…

Join Theo on this magical adventure where she learns that, even with the power of magic, she cannot control the actions of others. But instead, by showing a little compassion and understanding, breakthroughs and friendships can be made, even in the most unexpected of places.

Tales of a Middle School Witch is a magical story with a message about friendship for kids and preteens.

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