Introducing Reunited by Camy De Mario


by Camy De Mario

Genre: Children’s Marine Life Stories

From a short animated movie to a children’s book…

“A baby sea turtle has just been born, and a new life cycle begins.

Free to explore and grow up through the years, a soul can never forget how it all began.”

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This book has been created from my short animated film that I have just produced and it will be released in June 2022.

At this time the movie has been submitted to film festivals in the United States and Internationally.

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Grady Harp – Top Contributor: Children’s Books – HALL OF FAMETOP 100 REVIEWER –5.0 out of 5 stars – A beautiful mother and son relationship story!

Italian-born Florida (by way of the Bahamas and California!) artist, screenwriter, and author Camy De Mario is perhaps best known to many of us as an immensely gifted artist who illustrations heighten the effect of the many children’s books she has brought to life. Camy has started a focus on the creativity of doodling for adults, and she is deeply involved in the arts in Vero Beach, Florida, serving as vice president of Vero Beach Art Club, running her foundation Keeping The Arts Alive, while continuing her compassion for humanity by volunteering at The Source for the poor and homeless. She now places in print form some excerpts from her animated film REUNITED, further establishing her position in the realm of inspirational author/artists.

The gentle story opens as a sea turtle comes ashore, prepares a hole in the sand, lays her eggs and then returns to the ocean. In time an egg hatches and the little sea turtle calls out for his mom, jumping into the ocean and beginning a life cycle known as ‘the lost years’ – until he hears a voice calling ‘Son?’ and he finds his mom – ‘Because the strong connection between a mother and her son lasts forever.’

About Camy De Mario

Camy De Mario was born and raised in Milan, Italy.

After moving to the United States in 1995, she lived in Florida for 12 years and then moved to a small island of the Bahamas with her husband and their youngest children.

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