Introducing The Radiant Rainbow Cap By Bonnie Lieberman

The Radiant Rainbow Cap

By Bonnie Lieberman

Genre: Children’s Folktales and Myths

Congratulations are in order for… being brave enough to make good choices for yourself, unafraid of making mistakes and not caring about what others think of you. Wearing the clothes you like just because you like them. Eating the foods you like just because you like them. Reading the books you like because you like them. BE YOURSELF!!! (Awesome)

Welcome to the Village of Nobble Ook, a place in which everyone wants to be like the King but not really… The King wants them to be like him.

In the Village of Nobble Ook, someone is going to be very sorry… Will he discover it’s never too late to become a better person? Love yourself for whom you are, and don’t try to be like anyone else.

In the Village of Nobble Ook, the King is telling the people to be like him… Can you imagine? Let’s open this book. Drop-in on the village and take a look.

In the village of Nobble Ook the king is telling the people “Be like me. Be like me.” Never will I agree. You are you, awesome! Like yourself. May there only be one you with that special laugh wearing the clothes you like, singing silly songs that make you smile, running and jumping in your special style… Enjoying every moment of “Being Yourself”.

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Reviews For The Radiant Rainbow Cap

Tony C. – California – 5.0 out of 5 stars – A Story and Lesson That Will Always Be Relevant!

Thank you, Bonnie Lieberman, for creating a vibrant and enchanting story that emphasizes the invaluable lessons of diversity and inclusion!

Before Covid, my teen daughter used to be a volunteer reader at the preschool she attended as a toddler. She would take copies of her favorite books to read and give to the little ones for their collections at home. Now that the school is reopening, she is excited and proud to have this book #1 on her list when she returns to read to the preschoolers this summer!

Thank you for providing a reminder to us all, young and less young, that it is never too early and never, ever too late to embrace our individuality.

Marion K. – New Jersey – 5.0 out of 5 stars Creative Story With A Special Message

This is an interesting and creative story, with beautiful illustrations. I loved reading this to my 3 year old granddaughter, as she smiled at the colorful illustrations and listened to the language and story just right for young children. The Villagers of Nobble Ook help teach young growing minds to have self confidence in their choices and embrace their individuality. Great life lessons to share with your children and grandchildren.

About The Author


Bonnie writes about children struggling to fit in because they lack important social skills, look different from the majority of their peers, and have disabilities. With the help of others from their village, they gain self-worth and become vital members of their community and their sadness turns to gladness.

What do they say about where writers get their ideas? Bonnie Lieberman grew up in a Bronx neighborhood in which excellence in academics was recognized. In fact, although neither of her parents had attended more than a semester in college, they valued education and praised her for her achievements, especially as a young writer. Bonnie aspired to be a teacher of young children and would play school and even give out grades to her imaginary classroom. She was always the teacher, of course.

She wrote her first short book at the age of seven which was followed by short stories, essays and poems. Her beloved six grade teacher influenced Ms. Lieberman’s ability and joy in playing with words.  In sixth grade, she won several awards from educational radio stations which were read on the air. With a small group of friends, she rewrote “The Wizard of Oz” with Toto gaining a speaking ability when Dorothy reached the enchanted land of Oz. During her student-teacher experience with second graders, she again rewrote the script and directed the play for two mixed casts of second graders. The play was well-received by the audience and a local journalist wrote a complimentary review.

Bonnie holds a license as a reading specialist, BS in elementary education, and MS in K-12 education with an emphasis on reading. She taught kindergarten and first grade in Albany, NY, and ELA for over fifteen years with mentally disturbed youth in a NYS children’s psychiatric hospital.

FREE downloadable resources that Bonnie created from her research and experience as a reading teacher for prompting discussion with a child before, during, and after the reading to encourage social language and comprehension skills can be found on

Bonnie Lieberman Is Also The Author Of

Why is Tip Tipper confused?

He’s rattled because he doesn’t know the right time to act silly and the right time to act serious.
Boys and girls are becoming more and more annoyed with Tip’s behavior. In the Village of Nobble Ook Tip Tipper doesn’t have friends. Will King Obble Nook help Tip figure out the right way to act so he can romp in the grass and high five with his classmates? I sure hope so!

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Reviews for Seriously Silly

David A. – Queens, NY – 5.0 out of 5 stars I found out why Tip Tipper is confused?

Here’s the ultimate kid-friendly character who doesn’t know the right time to act silly and the right time to act serious. Everyone, including me, totally relates. Silly Tip Tipple is a child version of Don Quixote, feinting and having one foible after another in the village of Nobble Ook. Tip and his playful friends come to life in this perfectly illustrated children’s book, and speak volumes about fitting in, not fitting in, and lots of things in between. Bonnie’s debut book, ‘The Radiant Rainbow Cap’, is also a delight. Kids of all ages will want to hear and read these books again and again. Put them right next to ‘Goodnight Moon’ and Berenstain Bears!

Mark W. – Putnam County, NY – 5.0 out of 5 stars Seriously Silly children’s book teaches acceptance.

The author conveys , through fictional children characters, that people behave differently and do not always fit into others’ expectations. By the end of the story, with the help of he children’s teacher, the main character is accepted by the other children . The author’s message is essential, especially during this time in history. The illustrations are exceptional . The book would be an asset to a primary school’s classroom library as well as a home library.

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