The Rabbit and The Fox Book Store – Featured Rabbit Themed Gift Idea – Wonderland Rabbit Pocket Watch

Rabbit Themed Gift Ideas Recommended by Sybrina Durant, Author of the Learn To Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox Books

Featured Rabbit Themed Gift Idea of the Day – Wonderland Rabbit Pocket Watch

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About this item

PATTERN – Alice in wonderland with drink me was designed in this pocket watch.

PRACTICAL – A chic alternative to a common necklace, our pocket watches for men and women can be wear elegantly in the neck as a necklace, fashionably and lovely.

SETTING TIME – Pull the part in the top of the pocket watch away from base of the watch and turn it clockwise until reaching the exact time.

QUARTZ MOVEMENT- This pocket watch is kind of watch used on quartz movement in order to assuring the time exactly.

GREAT ANTIQUE GIFT – An exquisite pocket watch – gift for men,friends, parents, kids in some celebrations and occasions, such as wedding day, birthday or Christmas.

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Brought to you by Sybrina Durant, Author of the Learn To Tie With The Rabbit And Fox Stories.

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