Introducing AFRAID OF THE DARK: Episode 1 (ZAP) by Gregg Cox


by Gregg Cox

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

As a group of multi-national scientists works on finding a new energy source, they talk about the benefits of helping mankind and removing the fear that many feel in the world, especially the fear in children.

During one of their experiments, which is being held in the international complex in Antarctica, a burst of energy shoots into the sky and travels away to a destination unknown.

This small mass of energy, known as Zap, senses the fear of children around the world and seeks out different children to playfully explain how these fears can be overcome.

In this episode: Afraid of the dark, Zap demonstrates that darkness is actually only the removal of colors and that the colors are only sleeping.

Some Pages From The Book

Zap is currently available in eight episodes, and in 21 languages. English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Catalan, Finnish, Irish, Welsh, Greek, Luxemburgish, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.

Each episode deals with a fright or a fear many children and even adults may have. Some of these fears, spiders, fog, darkness, getting a shot, or even what´s at the end of the rainbow are some of the fears that Zap tries to explain in a playful way.

Every episode is approximately 40 pages with over 35 full illustrations and easy to read text.

Gregg Cox is an author within a variety of disciplines, with a long list of titles including, over 400 foreign language dictionaries and phrasebooks, more than 200 screenplays, several novels, and eight strategic card games. Gregg Cox is one of the most widely traveled persons in the world and holds the World Record in speaking the most foreign languages.

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