Introducing You Are A Magnificent Girl By Massi Amrane

You Are A Magnificent Girl: Inspiring Stories For Girls about Inner Strength , Friendship, Courage and Self-Confidence

by Massi Amrane with Illustrations by Akia Louh

Hey you! Do you know how exceptional you are?

Although there are millions of girls in the world, there is only one like you. You are truly unique and you should always remember that!

The world is filled with big and small obstacles and sometimes you may think: I can’t do it! You will probably be afraid or have doubts about yourself. However, now I would like to tell you a secret. All of us feel this way at times! Even adults.

In this book you will meet wonderful girls.

Girls who did not trust themselves at first, but then showed courage and conquered their fear. Girls who doubted themselves, but then showed inner strength. Girls who almost wanted to give up, but then gained their own confidence and didn’t allow themselves to be defeated.

I’m sure you can do all that too. But you have to start believing in yourself. And that’s exactly what this book will help you achieve. So that even in the hard times of your life, you will never forget that you are unique, lovely and important to this world as you are.

This book helps girls to

  • Accept themselves (with all their strengths and weaknesses)
  • Talk openly about their issues with their parents
  • Overcome their fears and be brave
  • Deal better with the pressure of school performance
  • Develop self-confidence and self-belief

Special stories for special girls

  • Today, girls face numerous different challenges in their lives. They are expected to approach others openly, to be brave, to achieve the best possible results at school and make new friends. According to a study conducted in 2020, almost one in three girls has been bullied. At the same time, more and more girls think they are not good enough. But how are girls supposed to cope when they are usually not taught at all in kindergarten and school how to develop courage and real self-confidence?
  • Inspirational stories start exactly at that point. They demonstrate that girls can push themselves and achieve great things if they believe in themselves. The central message of each story is the following one: you are good enough as you are. Every girl is amazing and can develop real inner strength, because self-confidence is not innate.

This book contains unicorns colorings pages with affirmation quotes. By coloring the beautiful pictures, the message can be remembered even better. In this way, girls can develop a strong, self-confident personality.

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Massi Amrane is also the Author of “Superhero In Spite Of Myself”

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