Let Me Introduce You To Sybrina Songs – Talk

Let Me Introduce You To Sybrina Songs

I’ve been a singer/songwriter for too many years to count. I never reached fame and fortune but that won’t stop me from sharing some of my favorites with you now and again. Enjoy.




Lyrics & Vocal Melody–Sybrina Durant
Musical Composition–Josef Kalna

© 2010 Sybrina Publishing

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Verse 1

All you ever did was talk

about true love and all that stuff

but it never was enough to keep me there.

Spoken dreams of future pleasures

disappeared into thin air.

All my tearful fear fell on your deaf ears.


All the while you promised love

but all I ever got from you was talk. 

It was never enough.

Verse 2

I believed your alibis,

all tangled in your web of lies,

I didn’t want to know the naked truth.

How about you? 

Did you foresee that all your crazy fabrications

might be killing me.  You were killing me…

Repeat Chorus


All we ever did was we’d go

back and forth and round and round

never resolving nothing, no, no we never could agree.

All you ever did was talk about true love and all that stuff.

Verse 3

Of all the lousy explanations,

You’re waiting for some inspiration,

What the Hell’s that got to do with anything?

I mean, spouting off about your feelings…

never listening to a thing.

All you ever did was talk…

All you ever did was talk.

You used so much precious time

spreading your elaborate lies.

How could all that time we

spent really be so  meaningless?

Repeat Chorus

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