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Edie Is Ever So Helpful by Sophy Henn

Edie is a funny, well-intentioned force of nature who leaves a trail of damage wherever she goes. Olivia meets Fancy Nancy.

Edie is EVER so helpful. In fact, helping is one of the things she’s best at! Some might even say she’s too good.

Whether it’s helping her family wake up bright and early with an extremely loud song, brightening up the walls of her house with lots and lots of colorful paint, or styling grandpa’s hair in the latest fashion . . . while he’s fast asleep, sometimes Edie needs to be reminded not to be quite so helpful. Perfect for fans of Olivia, Fancy Nancy and Eloise — a joyful celebration of good intentions gone wrong.

Praise for Edie Is Ever So Helpful:

“A charming, funny selection that’s sure to be embraced.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Sure to be a big hit, this delightful story will be enjoyed one-on-one while also making an excellent read-aloud in storytime.” –School Library Journal

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A Couple of Reviews To Help You Choose


A.Stanford 5.0 out of 5 stars Toddler approved

My daughter’s absolute favorite. She’s almost three and can relate to the character… trying to pour her own cereal, putting her shoes on the wrong feet, eating groceries before they’re put away. Adorable illustrations too.


L Fishwick 5.0 out of 5 stars keeps the dog looking smart and tells her little brother ‘what’s what’

Edie is helpful. So helpful. She wakes up her parents, keeps the dog looking smart and tells her little brother ‘what’s what’.

Parents of toddlers will instantly recognise Edie’s behaviour. I feel like it could have been written after watching my little girl for an afternoon. Edie’s ‘helping’ is usually more of a hindrance to her family, but her sunny attitude and desire to make everyone’s lives easier makes this book a lot of fun.

Throw in some adorable art work and you’ve got a real winner of a picture book. I’m already planning how I can dress my daughter up as Edie for next world book day!

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