The Best Book For Children To Learn How To Tie

The Best Book For Children To Learn How To Tie


There are a lot of great books available for teaching children how to learn to tie shoes and other things. However, tying shoes is not the only thing kids will eventually need to learn to tie.

There are sailors knots and fishing knots and camping knots. There are knots for knitting and sewing and crafting. There are working knots and decorative knots and playful knots in balloon art. There are knots in scarves, and bandanas. And yes, there is even a necessity for learning to tie a knot in a neck tie. Lest you think this is a skill you can forever do without, take a quick look at all the ads, websites, and special occasion photos showing men and boys wearing ties. Then think of all the occasions at which a tie is preferred or even necessary, such as graduations, weddings, interviews, and the list goes on. Sooner or later you might find you will need to know how to tie one.

The best part of learning the skill of expertly tying knots is that it gives children a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Making something seemingly complicated, simple is what all of these books skillfully accomplish.”

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