The Wishing Garden by Derma McGann

The Wishing Garden by Derma McGann

With Illustrations By Haley Marshall

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

A wish is a living thing that when carefully tended just might grow into a lifelong friendship.

This is a story about a young boy Colby who desperately wishes for a dog of his own. He’s shocked when his Momma suggests he plant his wish in the garden if he wants to see it come true. After careful tending he’s surprised to see a wish tree growing where he planted his wish and a new puppy Riley run into his life, who quickly becomes his best friend.

As we watch Colby and Riley grow up and their friendship strengthen through time, the wish tree continues to grow through all stages of the two friends’ lives.

But the day comes when Colby must say goodbye to his old lifelong friend Riley. When one day Colby’s daughter wishes for her own puppy, Colby suggests she too plant her wish in the Wishing Garden.

The circle of life completes itself and wishes continue to come true as the Wishing Garden blooms for another season.

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About The Author

Derma McGann is an avid reader and a dreamer who believes dreams really do come true. The majority of her adult life has been devoted to the love of her dogs, who have been her faithful companions and best friends. She has worked with several rescue organizations and fostered numerous dogs until they found their furever homes. The idea for The Wishing Garden came to her in a dream as she was facing the last days with her emotional support pug Finneus. Within a six month time frame he and both of her female senior pugs had crossed the Rainbow Bridge and she knew this book had to become a reality. Derma lives in Albemarle, North Carolina with her husband and dearest canine campions Presley, a pug/min pin mix rescue, and her 3 pug brothers Tupelo, Oliver and Bongino Gutfeld! the boss of the house. This book is dedicated to the many dogs who have left paw prints on her heart.

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