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Counting Chameleon Puzzle

About this item

  • Perfect for creative play: the counting Chameleon bilingual puzzle from Begin Again features 15 colorful puzzle pieces with numerals on one side of each puzzle piece, and English and Spanish on the other side for educational fun! The beautifully crafted pieces are perfect for little ones working on developing fine motor skills!
  • Educational fun for toddlers: the counting Chameleon bilingual puzzle from Begin Again makes learning fun! Your little one can learn numbers and language while playing and helping to improve problem-solving skills and creative thinking!
  • toys: at Begin Again toys, all of the products are designed with the environment in mind. Wood is sustainably harvested from rubber trees to make all of the wooden pieces and playsets, while the sap of the tree is converted into the natural rubber bath toys. Any products that contain plastic have been created using recycled plastics as well as Bioplastics made from sugar, wheat and corn. Begin Again is working towards a greener world one toy at a time!
  • Makes a perfect gift: whether you’ve got a little one in your life, or need an excellent birthday or baby shower gift, Begin Again is here to help! With toys that help promote fine motor skills and puzzles that help improve cognitive functions, Begin Again has something for every child no matter the age or the occasion!
  • Well balanced play: Benjamin Barlow was an early 20th-century inventor from Fort Collins, Colorado. He believed that for children to develop properly, they required a balanced approach and needed to incorporate 5 fundamental types of activity into their play; the artist, writer, inventor, Sportster, and hero. Today, Begin Again toys are all modeled after these principles and promote well-balanced development of the whole child!

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