Introducing The Tooth Fairy Quits By Megan Pighetti

The Tooth Fairy Quits

By Megan Pighetti With Illustrations By Yuliana Simakovska

Genre: Children’s Books About Birthdays

Suzie loves spreading joy to children, but being a tooth fairy is no easy task. Annoyed with gross teeth and a scratchy tutu, Suzie turned in her tooth fairy wand. She QUITS the only job she’s ever known! While Suzie doesn’t miss her tutu, she misses spreading joy to children. When one child wishes for a Birthday Fairy, the other fairies don’t know what to do. Suzie flies into action with a new look for a new job.

If your child loves beautifully illustrated books with fabulous fairies, then The Tooth Fairy Quits is sure to delight. Suzie used her grit and determination to find her true joy.

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My Review

I loved this cute little Fairy book by Megan Pighetti. The illustrations by Yuliana Simakovskam are simply stunning. The color palette reminds me of a beautiful fall day. Suzie the Tooth fairy does not enjoy her job and she finally gets the courage to quit. The story teaches a valuable lesson for children and adults – When one door closes, another one always opens. Be prepared to step through and face the challenges ahead with an open heart and open mind. I give The Tooth Fairy Quits 5 Fairy Tails!

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About The Author

Megan Pighetti

Megan Pighetti says: I have loved the process of being imaginative and creating something from words. Then seeing it come to life in pictures is nothing short of magical. Sharing it with the world is invigorating yet terrifying at the same time. My mission is to make children feel the love and happiness I felt waking up on my birthday, and if I can do that, my mission is accomplished. I would love to share in seeing the joy in their faces, as I have shared with my readers the joy in mine, and my families faces.

I live in Northern Colorado with the sunshine and mountain air. With my handsome husband we watch our delightful girls grow more each day. Time flies by in the blink of an eye. My parents have inspired me to become anything I can imagine and I want to do the same for my girls. That is why I have decided to share what was once our family tradition and is now the worlds. My Mom was always full of amazing creative ideas and that must be where my crafty side came from.

I am grateful for the world we live in and the amazing opportunity I have at my fingertips to be able to publish a book with hard work, creativity, and amazing support. I hope you enjoy reading them to your children as much I enjoyed creating them.

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