Introducing Baby Jesus: A Christian Christmas, Holiday Nativity Story By Suzette Alexander

Introducing Baby Jesus: A Christian Christmas, Holiday Nativity Story

By Suzette Alexander

Genre’s: Children’s Holiday Books, Children’s Christianity Books, Children’s Christmas Books

This is a heartwarming tribute to Jesus’ birth as the King of kings. This lyrical rendition of the manger story will delight you and your family. This book is the perfect, Christian Christmas gift for kids, to encourage their faith and understanding of the holy birth. It will become a Christmas tradition you’ll enjoy every year. As you witness your child’s growth and comprehension of the true meaning of Christmas.

Children Ages Three to Five

Is there any time more magical than Christmas when you’re little?I tried to keep that magical quality alive in this book; with lots of sweet baby pictures, animals, flowers, and stars. There’s a delightful rhyming text with a single theme/word at the top of each page. This is a lap book at this age. Kids 3-5 will enjoy having it read through the first time. It is a perfect bedtime bible story for toddlers. You can also take one concept a day from the top of the page. Describe how Jesus embodies each quality or what he brought to the world when he was born (Light, Hope, Peace, etc). I can’t imagine a better way to spend the Christmas holidays than learning about Jesus. This is the perfect family read-aloud Christian book.

Children Ages Five to Seven

This is a wonderful age group! Boys and Girls this age are curious, opinionated, and expressive. They will begin to understand the bigger concepts of the world needing a savior. 5-7-year-olds are also out in the world more. Going to school, doing sports, and watching more television. This is why I encourage you to sit down as a family with this book as well as let them read it independently. It’s a chance to hear their opinions on subjects such as hope. Divinity and peace. You can get a sense of what they’re learning in school, church, and with other kids. It’s a chance to guide them into a fuller understanding of the Nativity Story. “Baby Jesus” is at its heart an endearing look at the beautiful qualities of our newborn king. The lyrical quality of its verses will keep kids captivated as they read, look at, and listen to this book. I hope it will become a family favorite in your house every Christmas.

Children Ages Eight to Twelve

This is a crucial age for children. They are beginning to question everything. Kids 8-12 use books, television, and social media to help them understand the world they live in. They aren’t yet teenagers, but they aren’t little kids either. They will enjoy the flowing rhyming quality of this inspirational Christmas book. Additionally, they will gain a deeper understanding of why Jesus came to earth and what salvation means. In the back, there’s an Advent Calendar with scriptures relating to each page. Looking up Bible scriptures, listening to worship music, reading, and doing community projects are wonderful ways to celebrate Jesus’ birthday as a family. “Baby Jesus“ will be a Christmas keepsake in your family for generations to come.

12-Day Christmas Advent Calendar

A Christmas Advent calendar is included at the end of the book. Throughout the advent, you will find scriptures that show how Jesus taught on the theme of each page. Each day’s theme is accompanied by actions you can take to celebrate it.
As a parent, you can plan activities for your child based on their age and interests. To match each theme, you can plan movies, music, crafts, games, and special foods. As a result, each household’s advent is unique. Changing it each year as your child grows allows you to make it more personal.

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Book Reviews

Kindle Customer – 5.0 out of 5 stars – Beautiful and Poetic

A beautiful book written in rhymes. Hopeful and heartwarming, each section describing a different objective word such as divine, prayer, and hope. As someone who is not versed in biblical literature, I could not find anything wrong with it.

April Cox – 4.0 out of 5 stars – A Nice Book of Poetry

When I was growing up, my mother bought me and my sisters storybook anthologies that had a mix of religious and secular stories and poems. This book reminds me of some of the poems that were in those books.

A Special Note From The Author

Most people don’t know that I published this book as a fundraiser. It’s not stated anywhere in the book but that’s what it is. My son (31) died while traveling to Arizona last year. My family has been unable to bring his remains home. I didn’t want to do a Go Fund Me page. I never liked the idea of asking people for money without giving them something in return. I have been leaning a lot on Jesus in the past year for comfort and healing. I guess this is why I thought a book about Baby Jesus would be a nice Christmas gift.

The book is about all of the beautiful qualities that Jesus brought to the earth when He was born. The hope, love, peace, Joy, etc… I used to love reading to my son when he was little. It made me happy to think of the pleasure children would get out of reading this book or having it read to them. I sent this book out into the world with a prayer to bring my own son home to his family this Christmas.

Thank you, Suzette Alexander

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