Introducing Moonstar Love Letter By Amet Xhelili

Moonstar Love Letter

By Amet Xhelili With Illustrations By Nithini Wathsala

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

The Moonstar visits children who are sad for various reasons. The Moonstar helps them to open their hearts. He helps them to let go of their sadness and feel the love and joy they have inside. He reminds them of what they really are: shining stars and pure love.

This time he visits Kamil, an 8-year-old boy who is in love with a girl and he is being punished for writing her a love letter. The Moonstar shows him that he has done everything right and that there is nothing braver than showing his love.

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Moonstar Love Letter

This story is so heartwarming and shows the purity of love. I feel that every child and every parent should read this story to become aware that children also fall in love, but try to hide it. Parents should encourage the children to talk and express this feeling freely to them, because its the most beautiful feeling existence has to offer.

About The Author

Amet Xhelili was born in 1981 in Strimnica (North Macedonia). At the age of 10 he came to his father in Switzerland with his mother, brother and sister. He studied Philosophy, Psychology and Education, taught these subjects at high school and also worked as a career counselor.

When he rediscovered the wonderful little boy in himself, he knew what he was here for and what life was for. It was there to be celebrated. His wonderful daughter inspired and motivated him to live what he was. His heart beats for children. Everything he does is aimed at empowering children and helping people to rediscover the miracle within themselves. He does this through stories, coaching, guided meditations, laughter training, dancing and youtube channels. His motto is:

“Share what you are, because you are unique and wonderful.”

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Amet Xhelili is also the author of Moonstar Visits Zoe which is illustrated by Nithini Wathsala.

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About the Illustrator

Nithini Wathsala was born in Sri Lanka in 1994. She is the founder, artist and illustrator at Nit Illustrations. She loves drawing watercolors and whimsical art, as well as illustrating children’s books and adding a magical touch to them.

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