Introducing Felix The Wannabe Firefly By Jacqueline Marie

Felix The Wannabe Firefly

By Jacqueline Marie

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Being a firefly is what Felix wants most. But that’s the one thing Felix is not. Hes a glowworm. All the fireflies tease him because hes just a glowworm. But when the leader of the firefly pack, Bruno, is captured in a jar, its up to Felix to save him. Even though hes not a firefly, does Felix the Wannabe Firefly have what it takes to rescue Bruno?

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Reviewed by Amy Louise Hill for Readers’ Favorite

Felix the Wannabe Firefly by Jacqueline Marie Wallace is an educational picture book for young children. Felix the glowworm dreams of becoming a firefly. He tries and tries to make his dream come true but everything fails. One day, after another failed attempt to achieve his dream, Felix is approached by a firefly named Sadie. She asks if Felix would like to play with her, but Felix is reluctant as he can’t fly as she can. Sadie reassures Felix that he doesn’t need to fly to have fun. Whilst out playing, a group of other fireflies approach and make fun of Felix. Bruno, the leader, laughs and shouts horrible things, causing Sadie and Felix to walk away. The next day, the bullying continues, until a group of kids shows up and captures Bruno! Everyone else flies away to safety, but Felix is left feeling worried and that he should do something to help Bruno. Will Felix save Bruno from the kid that grabbed him?

Felix the Wannabe Firefly was a pleasure to read. The story teaches crucial lessons, from learning to accept yourself to never giving in to bullies. The author has taught these lessons in a simple way so that children will pick up on them easily. The illustrations by the talented Greg White are adorable and Felix was my favorite! Everything about this wonderful book is perfect for any young reader who could do with a little pick me up. I can’t recommend it enough and I hope to read more work from Jacqueline Marie Wallace shortly. Congrats on the book; children are going to love it!

About The Author

Jacqueline Marie lives in Metamora, Michigan, with her husband, John, and their three kids, Mariah, Olivia, and JonPaul. Jacqueline is a business owner and has always encouraged others not to give up on their dreams.

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