Introducing – Digger The Colony Worker Ant By Christian Kueng

Digger The Colony Worker Ant By Christian Kueng With Illustrations By Nana Melkadze

Worker ant, Digger, lives with a nasty stepmother, Shantelle, and her two lazy sons, Dante and Grant. The three of them order Digger around endlessly.

As the colony queen, Lantina, prepares to host a Gala to find a suitable husband for her daughter, Princess Antilles, Dante and Grant have ideas to keep Digger from attending. Shantelle puts down Digger further by telling him that “an ant like you would never be permitted to dance with royal ants.”

However, Digger’s Lady God Bug makes it possible for him to attend the grand party.

Will Antilles find her prince or will Digger’s step family prevent any romance between the royal Princess and the common worker ant?

This new retelling of a familiar fairy tale is bound to delight readers of all ages.

This adorable book is available in Kindle and Paperback. Get yours today.

Christian Kueng is also the author of

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