Introducing Rae’s Lake Day By Miriam Wagner and Trace McGeath

Introducing Rae’s Lake Day By Miriam Wagner and Trace McGeath – Spend the day at the lake and help Rae as she counts all the friends that she encounters. This fun rhyming book with beautiful illustrations will introduce kids to animals that they may see at the lake.

Introducing Words Carry Power by A.P. Wright

Introducing Words Carry Power by A.P. Wright with Illustrations by Ogbechie Triumph. Genre: Children’s Imagination and Play. This book is meant to educate children on the power that their words carry.

Introducing Let’s Find Little Tractor Together By Christopher Noah Hires

Introducing Let’s Find Little Tractor Together, An interactive spot and learn picture book for kids (0-4 age) By Christopher Noah Hires. – “Let’s Find Little Tractor Together”is an engaging, warm, and educational picture book to stimulate child curiosity,attention,and development from an early age. Subscribe to the Little Tractor Youtube Channel.

Midwest Book Review – 1,2,3 Count With Me

What I also found unique about this book is not only does it focus on learning to count from one to ten, but it also offers the ability to count backwards from ten to one.

Sybrina’s Review of “Monte Travels The Rainforest” by D.J. Thomas and many talented photographers

Flying Foxes, Chimpanzees and Cobras – Oh My! I bet you never knew that Monsters love adventures, too! Monte, the Monster sure does and he is a fantastic rain forest tour guide. This clever little monster travels through forests and along river banks encountering many of Africa’s residents, snapping all of their pics along the […]

Faiza Iqbal Butt’s review of “Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox” on Book Repository Blogspot

The story is a picture story, written by Sybrina for the children. The story is explained through cute and bright pictures and very few words. The story has a lesson in it. It is always easy to teach a lesson through a picture book.  The author has beautifully taught children that nothing in life is […]