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Learn to count with Dinosaurs

By K. Sanderson

A 20-page picture book with fun dinosaur rhymes and high contrast illustrations of dinosaurs (also suitable for viewing on black and white readers). The book alternates between pages introducing an illustration of a dinosaur with a simple rhyme (e.g. “Stegosaurus’ back carries armoured plates in rows, / His spiky tail so sharp is used to fight off all his foes!”) and pages with a repetitive rhyme in which the child is encourage to count the dinosaurs on their own or with a caregiver (e.g. “Let’s count with Triceratops, 1, 2, 3…How many dinosaurs can you see? / Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, hear those roars! I can see…1…2…3 dinosaurs!”). A perfect way to introduce numbers 1-10 to young children and a really fun book for practising counting with older children! Recommended font size for this ebook on the handheld Kindle is 3. This will allow simultaneous viewing of each dinosaur picture and the accompanying text on single screenshots.

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