Introducing Jabberwocky: Scary Stories For Kids By Lewis Carrol with New Illustrations by Carolyn Watson Dubisch

The legend of the Jabberwocky sends a young boy on a quest through the Tulgey Woods to slay the beast! Enchanting and strange creatures join him as he pursues the monster. A classic tale by the brilliant Lewis Carroll with new whimsical illustrations!

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“Jabberwocky, Scary Stories for Kids”

by Lewis Carroll with illustrations by Carolyn Watson Dubisch

Introducing a new illustrated interpretation of the classic poem from Lewis Carroll. The poem, often referred to as one of literature’s best bits of nonsense, originally appeared in his novel “Through the Looking Glass” and has since been illustrated several times as a picture book.

The story is an epic and classic story of a boy heading out on a quest to defeat the beast that is terrifying all the creatures of their world. A classic hero’s tale that has stood the test of time and is enjoyed by generation after generation. For children who enjoy fantasy, this is a tale they will love.

This interpretation is full of wonderful and whimsical art by illustrator Carolyn Watson Dubisch. Using just black and white drawings with a blue/green accent the art is fun and engaging. What I like about this version is the way the artist strives to give meaning to the various nonsense words and adds an unusual twist at the end. The art truly whisks the reader away to an
imaginative and vivid world.

Carolyn Watson Dubisch is an experienced creature designer and has even designed aliens for Star Wars, so the creatures that fill the pages of this book are truly imaginative, work well with the story. The interpretations of this world are quite different from what I’ve seen from other artists.

This book is the second in the “Scary Stories For Kids” series that introduces picture books for older kids which is an interesting idea and this is a great follow up to the first book “Alien Farm” – a visual alien invasion story that won the Firebird Book Award in two categories in 2022.

Reader’s Reviews:

“…Carolyn’s rendition of Jabberwocky is creepy and unnerving in a way that will give children a feeling of unease but without being terrifying. It is the perfect combination of impending doom and adrenaline as the hero sets off to slay the scary monster. The minimalistic use of colors in this picture book adds to the feeling of mystery and foreboding. Each page is filled with details
that stir the imagination and fills readers with a sense of something great is about to happen. As they follow the boy on his hunt, they will feel the excitement building and be on edge when the battle finally comes. The poem leaves much to the imagination in its original form; Carolyn has interpreted the creatures in a way that makes us want to follow the boy into danger to save them. Each page is a work of art that could stand on its own.

Jabberwocky: Scary Stories For Kids is a gripping children’s book that readers from kindergarten through elementary school will find spooky and entertaining. The whimsical illustrations will grab the attention of young readers and ensure this classic poem finds a place in the hearts of kids today.”- BOOK REVIEWER

“This is such a fun read of an old-time classic! If you enjoy Lewis Carroll’s works, then you will also surely enjoy Carolyn Watson Dubisch’s fantastical illustrations too. She has an amazing eye and her artwork is truly next level. Love her interpretations of this poem, and anyone who enjoys strange, fun, scary kids stories will love this too. Wonderful!”- ETAINE RAPHAEL

“Carolyn Watson Dubisch (Author) & Lewis Carroll (Illustrator) team up to produce an imaginative and scary children’s story. The Tulgey Woods finds a boy slaying it’s menacing beast to calm the remaining creatures and families living within it. A scary story children 5-9 would thoroughly enjoy. “ -WADE W BERGNER

About Carolyn Watson Dubisch

Carolyn Watson Dubisch is an award winning author/illustrator of 17 children’s books and 4 comic book series. She’s also designed Alien Bird Men for Star Wars, colored Wolverine and Silver Surfer comics for Marvel, and designed and created masks for TV Shows such as “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”and other independent films and music videos.

Her art and sculptures have been exhibited on five continents and her writing and illustration has appeared in children’s magazines such as “Hopscotch” and “Highlights For Children”.

She currently lives in a house by the beach in Mazatlán, Mexico with her husband and youngest daughter. She teaches art to children at a local elementary school and has a very old dog and four Mexican street cats who make her life interesting every day.

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