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Colorful Puppies Count 1 to 10

By Karen Moran

Toddlers will enjoy counting the cute puppies, whilst learning popular colors through funny rhymes

Children adore puppies, so they will love Rosie’s litter of 10 mischievous colorful puppies as they play and hide across the pages of this book. Gradually round them up from their various activities, counting across each page and learning various colors.

This funny, rhyming story will help to teach toddlers and young children to identify and learn numbers and colors, developing observational skills and the application of numbers through counting.

Who would have thought, a PINK PUPPY and a PUPPY WITH PATCHES!

The pages also teach a lesson on similarities and differences. They are all puppies, even if they come in different sizes, colors, patterns and patches!

Interactively introduce children to numbers and counting with simple, fun rhymes, learning numbers 1 to 10 as well as many popular colors.

A funny, easy rhyming read to add to story time, beautifully illustrated in mesmerizing color.

Will you find the missing puppy? And how on earth did the patterned pair end up in the sink!

Read the reviews – children and adults loved it.

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