Introducing – The Kindly Caveman By John M. Broadhead

The Kindly Caveman

by John M. Broadhead with Illustrations by Conor Hennelly

Genre: Children’s Poetry Book

Three caveman brothers live a simple life in their cave. The two older brothers enjoy crafting, inventing and building, but the youngest brother just wants to spend his time being kind to others.

One day the cavemen meet a saber-tooth tiger. The older two brothers rush to build a civilization full of inventions to keep themselves safe from the cat. But it is the kindly caveman who proves once and for all that a simple act of kindness is the most powerful thing of all.

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Mara Bauer – 5.0 out of 5 stars – Great story and illustrations!

The Kindly Caveman is a great story as it has an important message about a simple act that can sometimes be overlooked. Kindness! Not only are there exciting action scenes and great illustrations, but while reading this to my son he can learn some valuable lessons about life. My husband, son and I really enjoyed this story and hope that the author continues to write more children’s books!

A Little History

This storybook began as a conversation between two friends: John, a writer, and Conor, an artist. The poem itself was written in a matter of days, as John was inspired by the recent loss of his sister, to whom the book became dedicated. The completion of the picture book became a labor of love for both John and Conor, a story that everyone should hear with pictures that everyone will enjoy.

“The Kindly Caveman” is a poem by John M. Broadhead. The color illustrations were created by Conor Hennelly.

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