Unicorns! Unicorns! Everybody Loves Them!

Illustration from The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm

Everyone has their favorites, too. There are unicorn books for the very young and there are even epic and rambling unicorn novels to satisfy the most seasoned fantasy reader. There are charming stories revolving solely around the purely fanciful beast and there are fanciful tales about humans who literally shapeshift into those magnificent creatures. Anything goes with unicorns.

People’s fascinations with unicorns are not new. One Little Golden book was written way back in 1942! That cute little story, “I’m A Unicorn” by Mallory Loehr, is still popular with small children today because of its lavish illustrations by Disney artist, Joey Chou. “The Lore of the Unicorn” by Odell Shephard was written in 1930. That amazing encyclopedic book actually sparked a run on unicorn horns for their magical and medicinal powers.

These are by no means the earliest books espousing the wonders of unicorns. Shephard derived much of his unicorn lore from a tome by a classical Greek physician titled Ctesias’s Indica. It was written in the 5th century BC. That book, along with several of the old testaments of the Bible (Numbers, Deuteronomy, Psalms and Isiah), contain the earliest written mentions of that fantastic beast which modern society has come to adore.

Anyone new to reading unicorn books will be surprised to learn that there are literally hundreds to choose from. That might be hard to fathom since it is so hard to actually track them down. The internet was once a free form place where one could easily find anything they wanted by doing simple searches. With marketing and advertising becoming the most prevalent driver for search results, that is no longer case. . . even on websites where the books all actually do exist. Just try a search on unicorn books for yourself and you will see just how few unicorn book titles are actually presented to you for your perusal.

But never fear, unicorn lovers! One intrepid unicorn reader has tracked down hundreds of unicorn books and categorized them nicely on her website. The three easy to browse categories are Little Kids, Middle Kids, and Young Adult and Older Readers. You will find commercially and independently published unicorn books for all ages at Sybrina’s Unicorn Bookstore. She lists them all – from the earliest beloved unicorn publications to completely new conceptually written books that were born just yesterday! Sybrina’s Unicorn Bookstore truly has something to offer for everyone who loves unicorns, including unique gifts like Unicorn Reader tees. Check this book store out for yourself. Your new favorite unicorn read is waiting there for your discovery.

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