Introducing – Our Diversity Makes Us Stronger By Elizabeth Cole

Our Diversity Makes Us Stronger

Social Emotional Book for Kids about Diversity and Kindness

By Elizabeth Cole with Illustrations by Julia Kamenshikova

Genres : Children’s Prejudice & Racism books and Children’s Books on Emotions & Feelings

If you want to teach your child to accept himself and others as they are, then this picture book about diversity will be your best assistant. It will help your little ones to respect all the differences that make us unique. In this kids’ book, our little hero named Nick will show your children that we all are different in many ways, and everyone is unique—which is great! Nicky is afraid that his friends will not accept him because of his new reading glasses.

By talking to his peers on the way to school, he discovers the beauty of diversity and realizes that our diversity is actually our strength. This children’s book contains lovely hand-drawn illustrations and charming rhymes. This book will help your children:

to accept and celebrate diversity
to be kind to those who are different
to love themselves the way they are
to boost self-confidence

This social emotional book for kids is a continuation of Nick’s adventures from the “World of Kids’ Emotions” series.

Even if you have tried everything, this adorable picture book will surely encourage your child to be kinder and more confident. It is perfectly suited for toddlers, preschool kids ages 3-5, as well as older ones ages 6-10.

So, don’t wait, add this amazing book to your cart now and ENJOY!

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K. L. – 5.0 out of 5 stars “”Our diversity makes us stronger”
Nick is worried! He wears blue glasses to read and thinks the other kids won’t like him. He is in for a surprise as he goes about his day. His good friend has braces! Other children have differences that make them different & diverse. One child who does not hear well has learned sign language and communicates with his hands. “We are all so different, it makes us all unique. From the way we smile and walk, to the way we speak.” The book does point out that no matter how different we are, we all have the same thing. We all have a heart that feels feelings like love, grief, anger and fear. This book has a lovely gentle message about diversity. Geared toward the younger elementary age school child. Diversity does make us stronger!


Lieve Snellings – 5.0 out of 5 stars The strength and beauty of diversity
Nicky has new glasses, but he is afraid to wear them because others will find this odd and laugh with him. This rhyming book with beautiful illustrations is a sweet and easy read for little kids. The book contains an important lesson: no matter what skin you have, what dreams you dream, what is your nationality, or what religion you believe, no matter if you fall in love with a girl or a boy, or what clothes you wear, no matter if you are in a wheelchair or not, everybody has a place, and it so nice you can be whoever you are or want to be. I recommend!

The book was featured in the 8-th series of Season 2 (16-th minute) of the Apple TV+ series Swagger. If you subscribe to Apple TV, follow the link to check it out.

About the Author

Being a mother of two kids Elizabeth Cole very well understands that childhood is a great period of life filled with a tremendous amount of different and often changing emotions. Since the time Elizabeth received her master’s degree in psychology from University of New Orleans in 2008, she fully devoted herself to the research of kids, understanding their needs as well as their true emotions. Her five years period of working as the school teacher very much improved Elizabeth’s knowledge and motivated her even stronger. Finally, all of her experience inspired Elizabeth to write a series of children’s books.

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