Iown The Iron Horned Unicorn’s Story

In the Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns, readers are briefly introduced to Iown, the Iron Horned Unicorn.

Iown is one of the metal horn unicorns featured in the Journey To Osm collection of books by Sybrina Durant.

Iown the Iron-Horned unicorn is a member of the magical metal horn unicorn tribe from Unimaise who has magical power over the earth’s core. Iown is a member of the Earthworks Herd.The iron in their horns ties them to the earth so they can enrich soil with the touch of their horn. They can repair the earth in many ways but since they are so in tune with the natural, they also have a greater understanding of the nature of unicorn psyche’s, too. Because of their ability to soothe frazzled egos or ease broken hearts, they are also known as philosophers and psychologists of the tribe.He can aim his diamond encrusted horn, like a wand at the earth and can cause anything from earthquakes to volcanos. On the other hand he has the magical ability to close up newly opened chasms in the land.

Iown’s diamond-encrusted horn is a representation of his status as an elder. A unicorn’s horn is said to hold their magical powers, and the diamonds on Iown’s horn represent his wealth and knowledge. When Iown walks through the forest, he leaves a trail of magic behind him. Plants perk up, and flowers bloom, creating a rainbow of colors in his wake. His magic manifests in different ways. He can halt the rain for a few minutes or cause it to fall gently. He can create wind gusts that cool or warm the air. He can make fruits ripen and grow, and he can help animals heal from their injuries. Iown’s most notable feat with his magical horn was helping save Unimaise when it was threatened by dark forces. He was able to use his unique ability to manipulate iron to create a powerful spell that warded off the darkness and saved the forest.

Iown is an incredibly powerful unicorn, possessing abilities that are unparalleled among his kind. The magical metal horn unicorns of Unimaise are a rare breed, with each individual possessing unique abilities that are tied to the element they control. However, even among this prestigious group, Iown stands out as one of the most powerful and fearsome. Like all magical metal horn unicorns, Iown’s horn is made of a unique metal that grants him his abilities. His horn is encrusted with diamonds, which act as a conduit for his powers. His most impressive ability is his control over the earth’s core, which allows him to cause a wide range of natural disasters. He can summon earthquakes that shake entire continents, create massive volcanic eruptions that darken the skies with ash, and cause tsunamis that devastate coastlines.

However, it’s worth noting that Iown isn’t a malicious or destructive creature. He understands the importance of maintaining the delicate balance of nature, and as such he only uses his powers when absolutely necessary. He’s also incredibly skilled at using his power in a precise and controlled manner, which allows him to mitigate the effects of his abilities. For example, if a village is threatened by a volcanic eruption, Iown can use his power to redirect the lava flow away from inhabited areas. In addition to his control over the earth’s core, Iown also possesses the ability to seal newly opened chasms in the land. This ability is incredibly valuable, as it allows him to repair damage caused by other magical creatures or unexpected geological events. When a new chasm opens up, Iown can use his power to close it and restore the land to its former state.

Despite his powers and wisdom, Iown is not infallible. He has faced many challenges during his long life, from natural disasters to wars. He has lost many loved ones, and he has also made mistakes. But what makes Iown truly remarkable is his ability to learn and adapt. He has taken his failures and turned them into opportunities for growth and improvement. Iown has also been a great ambassador for his tribe, helping to forge alliances with other magical creatures and tribes. He has traveled far and wide, learning about different cultures and societies, and spreading his own tribe’s culture. His diplomacy and communication skills have been invaluable in building relations with other groups.

Iown’s great wisdom and understanding of the world are his most valuable assets. He has spent years studying the behavior of humans and magical creatures. He has seen firsthand how humans can be both compassionate and cruel towards each other, and how magical creatures are also capable of both kindness and malice. Iown has always strived to spread positivity and kindness towards everyone he encounters. He has been known to offer his guidance to those who seek it, no matter the species. He has been a mentor to young unicorns, helping them to hone their magical abilities and to become better members of society.

Iown is a name I made up for the iron-horned unicorn. It simply means “I Own” the Iron Horn. The charcoal-colored unicorn is from the Earth Works Herd of the Metal Horned Tribe of Unicorns. Iron is known as the “black metal”. In fact, that is where the term blacksmith comes from. Iron gets its black color from magnetite. Iown is black because his horn is iron. Iown is a multitalented unicorn who is able to enrich soil with a touch of his iron horn making the plants growing there healthier.

Since his horn is iron, the tribe’s elder also has a magical ability to help others “iron” out their problems. On rare occasions, he uses his iron horn to perform acupressure procedures to adjust the energy levels of the other unicorns. He does so by pressing his horn gently on their third eye and moving it gently this way and that. A unicorn’s third eye happens to be right where their horn sprouts from their head, just under their poll. When Iown performs this procedure, the recipient feels an increased sense of well-being and a renewed sense of clarity. Today, mainly steel needles are used in acupuncture but in the distant past they were produced from iron, silver, copper, and gold. Iown is also known for his Merry Andrew face – Yes, it’s actually a real descriptive phrase found in the dictionary. Merry Andrew originally referred to court jesters but, these days, it can also mean a person trying to be funny.

In the Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns, readers are briefly introduced to Iown, the Iron Horned Unicorn. Iown is one of the metal horn unicorns featured in the Journey To Osm collection of books by Sybrina Durant.

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