Introducing Turkey’s Escape Plan by Julia Zheng

Introducing Turkey’s Escape Plan: A Funny Thanksgiving Bedtime Story with an Unexpected Ending By Julia Zheng with illustrations by Nurul Ashari. Genres: Children’s Safety Books, Children’s Runaway Books, Children’s Folk Tales & Myths. Turkey from Cranberry Farm hears that he will be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. Fearing for his life, he comes up with some escape plans and turns to his friends for help. However, on Thanksgiving evening, Turkey is safe and sound. Curious to know why? Find out the answers in Turkey’s Escape Plan.

Introducing A Birthday Fairy Tale By Megan Pighetti

Introducing A Birthday Fairy Tale : Holiday Birthday Blues Made Merry (Fairy-Tailed Book 1) by Megan Pighetti with illustrations by Yuliana Simakovska. Genre: Children’s Christmas Books. If your child likes beautifully illustrated tales, with children who solve their own problems, then they will love this book. This story is filled with surprises, fun, and family love. Any child who has a birthday on or around a holiday is sure to feel connected to A Birthday Fairy Tale.