Launch Giveaway – Exalted by Kandi J Wyatt and The Dog Snatcher by Phyllis Wheeler

Launch Giveaway – Exalted, Bright Lands by Kandi J Wyatt and Guardians of Time Book 1, The Dog Snatcher by Phyllis Wheeler both release early in November. To celebrate, we’re having a family-friendly giveaway. Click the pic and enter for a chance to win those 2 book plus 10 more book fantasy books by other authors like Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall By Rae Knightly, Snow Globe Travelers By K. A. Cummins, Hunger Winter By Rob Currie, The Faithful Spy By John Hendrix, To Slay A Curse By Rae Graham, Isabel’s Secret By Jan May, Fantastical Moments By Erudessa Gentian, Heart Mender By V. Romas Burton, The Worlds Next Door and Vincent in Wonderland By C. E. White, Illuminare By Brynn Shut and The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm by Sybrina Durant. Throw a dragon trinket box and an adorable puppy stuffy into the mix and you’ve got some fabulous prizes to go for.