Unicorn Herds in the Magical Metal Horn Tribe

The tribe of metal horned unicorns from Unimaise is broken down into different sets of individuals grouped together by type of metal related magic. These groups are called Herds. While there are many more Unicorn Herds than those listed below, the different herds of the remaining 12 members of the Tribe of Metal Horned unicorns are 1) Pilot Herd, 2) Navigator Herd, 3) Medical Herd, 4) Water Purification Herd, 5) Scientific Herd, 6) Chef Herd, 7) Communicator Herd, 8) Styling Herd, 9) Psychology Herd, 10) Musical Herd, 11) Defender Herd, and 12) Empath Herd.