Sybrina’s Review of “Monte Travels The Rainforest” by D.J. Thomas and many talented photographers

Sybrina's Review of Monte Travels The Rainforest by D.J. Thomas

Sybrina’s Review of Monte Travels The Rainforest by D.J. Thomas

Flying Foxes, Chimpanzees and Cobras – Oh My!

I bet you never knew that Monsters love adventures, too! Monte, the Monster sure does and he is a fantastic rain forest tour guide. This clever little monster travels through forests and along river banks encountering many of Africa’s residents, snapping all of their pics along the way.

Following Monte in this adventure, your child will learn how elephants control their body temperatures with their large thin ears and that crocodiles can run as fast as 28 miles per hour. They will be introduced to birds with rainbow feathers and foxes with wings! The bright colorful pictures adorning this book, by various talented photographers, are absolutely stunning.

Monte Travels the Rainforest book is filled with fun and interesting facts about over 20 critters that live in and around the African rainforests. You child will have a ball learning about all of these diverse creatures from this little travelling Monster.

D.J. Thomas wrote the text of this book with photos by Tambako The Jaguar, Francesco Veronesi, Jeff Kubina, Eric Kilby, Rene Mensen, Dr. Anand Titus, Vicki Burton, Christian Baltrusch, Kevin Enge and Danel Solabarrieta.

The author offers 2 free activities for your child as a thank you for purchasing the kindle ebook.

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