Cleo Can Tie A Bow Book – Clarence Has Something To Say

“Hello! – Name’s Clarence. Yeah, I’m the little short guy – the one trying to stay out from under everyone’s hooves and paws. Luckily, Birdy prefers worms to snails so I’m safe from her beak and claws, too.

Scene from Cleo Can Tie A Bow Book

Birdy and I live in Tie-Land Forest with Doey and Foxy. Recently we’ve all made a new friend. Her name is Bunny.

Poor little rabbit had quite a scare when she first arrived all bedraggled with leaves and twigs in her ear fur. That first day, she actually thought Foxy was going to eat her! Ha! Everyone around here knows Foxy is a vegetarian but Bunny didn’t know it, then.

In fact, she didn’t know much of nothin’ about the big, wide world – being from the city and all. She spent most of her younger years living with a bunch of rabbits just like her…all of them spending most of their time in wire cages. I don’t even want to imagine how dreadful that must have been. . .it’s no way to learn survival skills, I tell ya.

Anyhoo, the first time I ever laid eyeballs on Bunny, she was a mess. She didn’t even know how to keep her ears from dragging the ground. Their tips were full of twigs and leaves and all kinds of other debris. Luckily Foxy got right on it. She’s like some magical bee-you-tishion or something. . .and before I could say ‘razamataz and all that jazz’ – she fixed that pitiful Bunny’s raggedy ears right up. With those little fingery-toes on her paws a’flyin, Foxy maneuvered those extra-long ears into a big beautiful floppy bow. We were all impressed with her skills and Bunny was so happy that that’s how she wears them every day now. It’s the cutest thing you ever did see. That girly-look perfectly suits her sweet personality, too.

Oh my, look at the time. It’s been nice chatting with you but it’s time for me to skedaddle. I don’t want to be late to the picnic!”

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