Introducing Sunny Days With Mommy & Me By Jennifer Rosario De Casiano

Sunny Days With Mommy & Me

By Jennifer Rosario De Casiano with Illustrations by Megan Lawson

Genre: Children’s Christian Family Fiction


In this simple, heartwarming story, a single mother and her son lovingly share a routine, experiences, and a practice in kindness towards others.

Their life is not perfect, but they always find a way to seek small joys and comfort where they can.

EARLY PRAISE for Sunny Days with Mommy & Me

“An experience of love, faith, and hope. This story shows us how to manage life’s responsibilities and challenges using consistent routines, great nurturance, and promotion of healthy child development. Sunny Days with Mommy & Me offers a great illustration to young children and their families that are juggling life’s responsibilities while keeping love, faith, and family as their core values in life. This book can be used as a great therapeutic tool for practitioners facilitating discussions with children and families around routines, faith-based practices, family systems and strength building.”
-Myrna Noble-Headad, LCSW; Director & Therapist, Counseling Works LCSW, PLLC

“A refreshing glimpse into the daily life of a faith-centered family that focuses on quality time spent together.”
-Jonathan Thompson, Director of Music Bands and STEAM at South Park Middle and High Schools, FairPlay Colorado

“It is great to see how the author emphasizes the need for a daily routine. Importance and reasoning is given for every task/activity the child is involved in throughout the day. Every home with small children would benefit by having a copy of this book. Beautifully written and illustrated.”
-Pamela Simmons, Retired Gifted Teacher at Volusia County School Board

“A tender story of a day in the life of a mother with her young son. The story line, the vivid language and the illustrations are all very endearing. There are many hidden lessons throughout the book. A great book to read as a bedtime story!”
-Elsie Mendez, Former Gifted Teacher and School Principal at Volusia County School Board

“I wish I had read this book during my child bearing years. At that point in my life, my biggest fear was to be a single mother. Today my biggest regret is that I never was. This book inspires and empowers single mothers with daily routines filled with love, faith, health, education, nutrition and fun! All beautifully illustrated and told through the eyes of a child.”
-Pollyanna Dorough, Singer/Song Writer and Voice Teacher

“Simple and direct, this little book will bring a smile to every face. An uplifting book based on ‘what a day can look like for a single mom’, it will encourage and strengthen single moms, while reinforcing what a positive mother-child relationship can look like in the absence of a father. Pick it up and enjoy!”
-Bill Gentry, Missionary Father to Orphans in Ukraine and President, Father’s Heart Ministries

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About the Author

Jennifer Rosario De Casiano

JENNY ROSARIO de CASIANO is an actor, spokesperson, author, and philanthropist living in Florida with her husband. Jenny wrote this book based on her own experience as a single mother to her son, Marcos. She has significantly fond memories of their time together living with their dog, Harley, when Marcos was between four and six years old. Marcos now attends Yale University while Jenny writes children’s books, continues to work as an actor and enjoys taking part in missionary work around the world.

A Versatile Entertainer…

Jenny Rosario, a native Bronx, New Yorker, of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, is well on her way to becoming a household name. Through her acting and modeling, she brings a unique image and personality to the screen. She began her career behind the scenes after graduating from Valencia College’s Film Program with a degree in Film production Technology. Jenny started her career as a production assistant and worked her way through the many departments as a makeup artist, script supervisor, writer, producer and director. She operated as a small production company, Rmarcfilms Corp., providing many aspects of film services, herself. Simultaneously, Jenny was creating an on screen image beginning with several “extra” roles, and eventually becoming a lifestyle and fashion model. She began her acting studies in 2000 and was then discovered by a scout, recruited and trained to compete in the pageant world. By 2002, Jenny went from being The Bronx Tomboy to bringing home several beauty queen crowns. In 2002, she captured the title of Ms. Latina Florida USA. By 2003, she was crowned as Ms. Latina International. In 2015 she reigned as Ms. International World. Jenny has been featured in several full-length feature and short films and in over 100 commercials. As a firm believer of education, Jenny continued her academic studies and earned a B.S. In Business Administration and an M.S. in Project Management. Her passion still remains in her acting craft as she continues to pursue her career as an actress, while based out of Central Florida. Visit her website.

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