Introducing Normal Norm By Chad Hayward

Normal Norm

By Chad Hayward with Illustrations by Eric Muchira

Genre: Middle Grade Chapter Book – Anti-Bullying

Norm is a young boy who has only one dream, to play in the school basketball team. Unfortunately, bullies have taken away his confidence, until one day something magical happens. Normal Norm is a children’s book on self-confidence, believing in one’s self, and achieving dreams despite being bullied. The illustrations show the magical Masai Mara in Kenya at its best, exposing the reader to the beauty of Africa.

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Scenes From The Book

Reedsy Review By Jocelyn Soriano

Normal Norm written by Chad Hayward is a motivational children’s book that will delight kids who love playing sports, especially basketball. It’s a wonderful book about Norm, a boy who dreams of being a good basketball player despite what he considers to be his weakness and the taunts of bullies that challenge his self-confidence.

Will Norm be able to reach his dream and overcome the obstacles he finds along the way?

This book is very helpful to children who wish to accomplish something great but seem to be bound by some limitations they see in themselves. Such limitations may even be aggravated by other people who fail to recognize the strengths each person has.

For such children, a figure like a fairy godmother is someone who could help them realize the magic that could help them overcome their insecurities and doubts. Kids will see how Norm will be helped by his own fairy godmother. They can also be made to think about other people in their lives who could have played the same role of mentor, helper and friend in times when they needed assistance and support.

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About The Author

Chad Hayward

Chad Hayward is an Australian primary/elementary school teacher who has taught all of the world and is a big advocate for children’s literacy. A lot of his students describe him as funny, cool and kind! He brings his world view to his writing, with his first book, ‘Normal Norm’ being set in the beautiful Masai Mara in Kenya.

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