Introducing Sounds of the City By TRACY JEAN- BAPTISTE

Sounds of the City

By Tracy Jean-Baptiste with Illustrations By Nabeel Tahir

Inspired by Legend Lattimore

Genre: Juvenile Fiction – Early Reader

The book is based on Legends’ fascination with transport vehicles and their various sounds. It is aimed to stimulate children’s interest in the things that they experience around themselves every day. Legend sees and hears the world around him like no one else. His approach is unique and exciting. As horns blow, sirens whirl and trains choo, Legend takes in every sound like it’s the first time. From fire stations, police stations, farms, and schools, join Legend on an adventure through the sounds of the city.

His fascination with these sounds has led to developing his keen interest in these vehicles, what they look like, what they are used for, where they can be found, who uses them, and where each one can take you to.

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About The Author


My name is Tracy Jean-Baptiste. This is Legend, he is 5 years old, motherhood has changed me so much; the moment Legend entered my life, I instantly became much more sensitive, compassionate, and empathetic than I ever was in my life before him. At the same time, Legend’s birth has given me so much strength. I can do anything for him without even flinching. I had become more resilient, robust, and immune to the things that used to break me down when I was younger. Becoming Legends’ mom has made me so selfless and patient. Everything that goes around in my day is about my son. Every day we choose what he wants to do, and I love to be a part of everything he does, his TV shows, toys, books, parks, swimming, trains etc.

I never thought I would be a writer, but my son has inspired me to write and share his story with the world. This is my first book, and it’s mainly based on Legend’s likes and his approach towards exciting newer things. I believe that every kid has a unique approach towards things they experience in their daily lives, and in this book, I’m sharing how Legend takes on new things. I hope you enjoy reading this book to your child.

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