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The Tooth Fairy and the Messy Room by CB Crew

Catherine’s mom begged her to keep her things tidy, but she simply didn’t do it. She was just too lazy and didn’t care much about how her room looked.

Until one day Catherine’s messy room causes a catastrophe for a very special visitor, and Catherine is faced with the consequences of her untidiness. What can she do to make things right? And will this experience encourage her to change her ways?

Catherine is a very messy girl. Her room is such a mess that she can hardly find anything when she needs it! She ignores her mom’s requests to keep her room tidy because she doesn’t really care how it looks. But Catherine is about to learn the consequences of her choices, when the Tooth Fairy gets injured on her first visit to Catherine’s house. Will Catherine take responsibility and think up a solution to make things right? And will she learn the bigger lesson about the importance of keeping her things tidy?

The Tooth Fairy and the Messy Room is an entertaining and light-hearted story presenting a valuable message for children about natural consequences and the importance of learning from our mistakes. Children will love following Catherine’s journey in this beautifully-illustrated book, as they learn why they are always asked to tidy up, that there can be consequences of their actions that they haven’t thought of, and that learning from our mistakes and being willing to change is an important part of growing up.

Best for kids who:

Lack motivation to keep their things tidy
Can identify with characters who are creative and good at problem solving 
Are learning about natural consequences of their actions
Are beginning to lose their baby teeth
Are learning to take responsibility for their mistakes

Gift this book if you are looking for:

A gentle bedtime story to teach a child about natural consequences
A light-hearted story for the messy child in your life
A heartwarming story to teach a child that they can take responsibility for their mistakes and make things right
An exciting story for a child with their first wobbly tooth

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