Introducing Words Carry Power by A.P. Wright

Words Carry Power

By A. P. Wright with Illustrations by Ogbechie Triumph

Genre: Children’s Imagination and Play

To educate children on the power that their words carry. Learning how words can be used for good to help uplift others and ourselves. Conversely, teaching them that their words can spread negativity and hate to those they communicate with. Hopefully, this book educates kids on the positive/negative ways their words can affect others and themselves.

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Some images from the book.

About the Author

A. P. Wright

I am a 22-year-old that creates from the soul. Whatever I set my mind to, I always strive to see my visions come to fruition. I am currently a senior in college studying psychology and a youth soccer training coach. My venture into writing started from my resurgence in poetry. From writing poetry I was able to turn some of my writings into my first children’s book. Alongside my inspiration of working with kids, it gave me added motivation to publish my work. Words Carry Power stemmed from my experiences and my understanding of how powerful our words can be. I believe it is important that children learn how their words can influence how others feel and how words can influence themselves.

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