Introducing A Child of a Veteran: Thank You For Your Service By Larisa E Owen PhD

A Child of a Veteran

Thank You For Your Service

By Larisa E. Owen, PhD

This book is about a group of children who come to realize that children of veterans are not always identified and thanked for their service, in contrast to children of active duty service members.

This book has been recognized as a way to engage both children and adults, as well as service providers who may not be aware that children of veterans often are not identified. The book points out that intake forms often only ask about active-duty children or focus primarily upon veterans themselves rather than their children.

All of the book’s proceeds are to be donated to programs serving children of veterans in need of mental health services.

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About the Author
Dr. Owen is wife of a Marine Corp veteran that served in Desert Storm, the daughter of an Army veteran, and the mother of a child of a veteran.

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